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Pizzas, Kebabs, Burgers, Fried Chicken, Wraps, Pasta, Meal Deals, Drinks, Baguettes, American, Turkish, Italian
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Choice of spaghetti or penne (except lasagne)...

Bolognese Pasta

Minced meat with classic ragu Italian sauce

Napoletana Pasta

Classic ragu Italian sauce

Meatball Pasta

Meat ball with classic ragu Italian sauce

Arabiata Pasta

Spicy pepperoni with classic Italian ragu sauce

Pollo Pasta

Chicken in classic ragu Italian sauce

Primavera (Vegetable) Pasta

Green pepper, mushrooms classic ragu Italian sauce

Pesto Pasta

Mushrooms, chicken, garlic & pesto sauce

Pollo Alla Crema Pasta

Chicken, mushrooms, cream sauce & white wine

Lasagne Al Forno Pasta

Classic Italian dish of thin sheets of pasta, layered with cheese & ragu Italian sauce